What is Portalisaatio?

Digitalization is challenging business structures and old ways of action irreversibly.

Customers want to know the prices and availability of products, services and solutions in real time.

There is no investment in stock, but nevertheless production wheels must be in motion to avoid losses.

Our global marketplaces are a response to new challenges both globally and regionally.

Marketplaces face seller and buyer, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic.

Our goal is to be one of the most prominent key players in online marketplaces globally.

The essence of our solutions brings choice and quality to online marketing by giving you the full control in optimizing your marketing experience.

Our mission is to make you find what you are looking for and enjoy doing it.

The search and filtering system allows you to easily find your ideal matches, with as simple or complex searches as you like.

You can use exclusive or inclusive filters, so there really is all the control in your hands.

On our platforms there are unrestricted and ever-increasing amount of things that can connect you with someone. You can be found and match with someone by adding interests and setting values to your profile.

Even if your taste is very exquisite, our MatchWatcher (MW) will scan the whole database for you 24/7 – and it will notify you when your ideal match of sushi and Simpsons -loving rocket scientist is found!

Even though the algorithms and value creating complexities in our system are many, the basic principle is simple: By optimizing and polishing your own profile, the system rewards you with greater exposure, more matches and special abilities that enchance your marketing experience even further.

Our service creates value in peoples lives and in business by connecting those who value each other in a effective way.

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