The Technology of Marketplaces

The technology of marketplaces is based on intelligent algorithms for data mining and content management.


Use the search function to find the desired sales and purchase items in the database and save the searches to your own folder.

MatchWatcher (MW)

Define the upcoming sales and purchase items that interest you in the MatchWatcher (MW) and get instant access to new email notifications.

Automated Sales and Purchasing Processes

Automated sales and purchasing processes minimize the manual work so that the steps associated with each operation are easily supported by the system.

Sales System

In the sales system inquires, bid quotes, bids and deals do not need separate forms because they are running automatically by the sales system, so you save time and money.

Payment System

The payment system offers traditional national and international payment methods and the newest mobile payment possibilities.

Shipment System

We offer to our customers the opportunity to use transportation and logistics system as a value-added service without charge.

Electronic Archive

Save inquires, bid quotes, bids and deals in your electronic archive for future sales and purchase announcements.