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Industrial countries are committed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to halt climate change. These are carbon dioxide, fluorine, methane, nitrous oxide and three industrial fluorine-compounds.

Global warming has been thought to be faster and now we need global engagement
to reduce emissions.

Organizations like the Emissions Trading Scheme of European Union will be expanding rapidly around the world and emissions trading will become international business.

Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced where it is the cheapest.

If emission allowances from the market are more favorable than the emission reduction measures in own production, it is preferable to acquire allowances from the market than to reduce their own emissions.

It is worthwhile to implement emission reduction measures that are cheaper than the emission allowance.

Companies have increased their corporate social responsibility by investing in cleaner technology and the acquisition of environmentally friendly products and solutions.

Emission rights can be bought and sold freely throughout the EU-wide market.

The price of the emission allowance is formed on the market in the same way as in other commodities trades.

Our global marketplaces offers great opportunities to search current and future emission trading units cost-effectively.

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