Important Update for Investors on August 12, 2022

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Which Recycling Marketplace Could We Provide for You?

Humanity and the Earth are at a turning point. In addition to global warming, Earth’s natural resources are consumed more than its durable carrying capacity. The goal is to consume wisely, to repair failed equipment and to reuse materials.

Our goal is to be the market leader globally in these context.

Recycling Marketplaces include general wastes, industry residues, the most important recycling sectors and waste management.

Marketplaces face seller, buyer, service provider, demand and supply in accordance with market economy logic regionally and globally 24/7.

Coming Soon

Geographic Information System displays all items, sellers, buyers and logistics providers on the map.

ERP of Marketplaces is a totally revolutionary Map Solution for data mining and analytics related business planning, implementation and optimize transport routes.

ERP Business Intelligence includes automated ERP-processes, intelligent algorithms, analytics tools and premium class Search, MatchWatcher (MW) and Compare services.

ERP Voice Message includes automated voice notifications and many other ways to use marketplaces and control ERP-processes with unique voice-system.

How to get Started?

You need to first register to get started. After this you have full access to Marketplaces. You can for example:

You can use the service freely, you only pay commissions of completed transactions!

Please, check the Terms & Conditions for more information.

How to get Incomes?

Please, see cost savings from recycling.